Sunday, 2 October 2016

Where would I like to be in five years?

Although not one of Benjamin's 13 Virtues, it is one of the quotes attributed to his name.

When thinking of the blog question: Where would I like to be in five years? I realized that I have always struggled with the idea of planning. My plans for professional development have always had a haphazard course. I still struggle to create a cohesive plan that would help me to succeed in my professional goals. So often "my" goals are impressed upon me by external motivating factors. I need to be involved in scholarship in order to remain a useful CASN (Canadian Associated Schools of Nursing) instructor, therefore I need to research and write. I am required to maintain a level of professional nursing development, therefore I need to take courses in my nursing field. Now I need to maintain a level of instructional professionalism and that also requires a plan to improve my teaching.
I am completing PIDP and have found it very informative it was not planned, but highly recommended when I started my work at the college. I will be going to a research strategies conference to see where I can begin to understand the workings of scholarship at a deeper level. But the conference was not planned, it happened to be something that was introduced in discussion with fellow instructors. I am hoping as I develop networks with other instructors in the college, and I will plan my professional development in a less haphazard manner. The opportunity as a regularized faculty to plan one's schedule and professional development a year in advance will help me to make my planning easier. I have many opportunities, and as the video below reminds me that after self-reflection I can do many things to continue to achieve both professional and personal goals through planning.

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